Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 77 covers all of Shelby County.

What is a Foreign-Trade Zone?

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) allow companies importing products or parts from other countries and to delay, and in some cases, reduce or eliminate the taxes (import duties) that would otherwise be owed when those products/parts enter the U.S. 

In the United States, a foreign-trade zone is a geographical area in or adjacent to a United States Port of Entry, where domestic and foreign commercial merchandise receives the same Customs treatment it would if it were outside of the US. The purpose of such zones is to help companies remain competitive globally by reducing tariff burdens on the importation of foreign parts and on exported finished products.

Company Benefits

  • Duty Deferral
  • Duty Reduction or Exemption
  • Streamlined Customs Procedures
  • Financial savings
  • Inverted Tariff

Activity Permitted in Zones

Merchandise may be:

  • Assembled
  • Exhibited
  • Cleaned
  • Manipulated
  • Manufactured
  • Mixed
  • Processed
  • Relabeled
  • Repackaged
  • Repaired
  • Salvaged
  • Sampled
  • Stored
  • Tested
  • Displayed
  • Destroyed

Public Benefits

  • Help facilitate and expedite international trade.
  • Provide special customs procedures as a public service to help firms conduct international trade related operations in competition with foreign plants.
  • Encourage and facilitate exports.
  • Help attract offshore activity and encourage retention of domestic activity.
  • Assist state/local economic development efforts.
  • Help create employment opportunities.


Foreign Trade Zone 77


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