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The U.S. Commercial Service is part of the International Trade Administration under the US Department of Commerce. Its goal is to help US companies export overseas and attract foreign direct investment to the US. The US Commercial Service provides support including market intelligence, business-to-business matchmaking services, international company vetting, market access support and advocacy through its network of offices located in most states and in US Embassies and Consulates in more than 70 countries.  

Market intelligence

The US Commercial Service has published a variety of market research reports, which highlight opportunities for US exporters in various sectors. Top Market Reports help US businesses determine their next export market by comparing opportunities across borders. Each report ranks future export opportunities within a particular industry based on sector-specific analysis. Country Commercial Guides provide details on market conditions, opportunities, regulations, and customs regulations in international markets. It also prepares industry-based market intelligence with insight a product’s potential in a given market, the market’s business practices, and best prospects for success.

Business-to-business matchmaking

Its business-to-business matchmaking service is called the Gold Key Service. If you are searching for an agent, buyer, distributor, or partner, the Commercial Service can help you find the right contacts by arranging a full day of pre-screened and pre-qualified business meetings in the country of your choice. 

International company vetting

The US Commercial Service can also assist you in vetting potential business partners. The US Commercial Service can prepare an International Company Profile  which includes financial information, a reference check, a credit check, and thorough meeting.

Market access

We work closely with US businesses to remove foreign government-imposed trade barriers


The US Commercial Service also provides advocacy on behalf of US exporters bidding on public-sector contracts with overseas governments and government agencies. The Advocacy center helps to ensure that sales of US products and services have the best possible chance of competing abroad. 

Trade counseling

The US Commercial Service also works with companies proactively to help them to develop a strategic plan to expand their US exports overseas.  We also assist companies in addressing challenges that inhibit the growth of their US exports. 



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