EDGE COVID-19 Waiver for 2020 Annual Reporting Year


Download EDGE COVID-19 Waiver Certification Form

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent government closures have imposed significant financial hardships on the City of Memphis and Shelby County, as well as on regional, national and international markets. Likewise, some PILOT Recipients have seen their business disrupted by the pandemic. In some cases, these unexpected challenges have also affected the PILOT Recipient’s hiring and investment plans.

For this reason, EDGE is allowing the following for PILOT Recipients:

  1. For the CYE 2020 PILOT Performance Report, if some/all of a Recipient’s employees are working from home due to the pandemic and not from a Project site, the Recipient may request a waiver. To qualify for this waiver, the following information is required.
    1. A written request that includes a description of how COVID-19 made it advisable/necessary for some/all of the PILOT jobs to be performed remotely.
    2. A certified zip code survey of all Project employees. EDGE will count all Project employees living within the Memphis MSA.
  1. If a Recipient does not anticipate meeting its CYE 2020 PILOT obligations (Jobs, Wages, Capital Investment or MWBE/LOSB spend), it may request a COVID-19 default waiver from the PILOT Performance Review and Compliance Committee. To qualify for this waiver, a written request that discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the Recipient’s CY 2020 operations, which PILOT commitments were affected and how, and including supporting data (as applicable) showing, for example:
    1. Employee and payroll reductions (Number of employees on March 1 vs. December 31, 2020)
    2. Sales and revenue decreases (March 1 vs. December 31, 2020)
    3. Supplier interruptions
    4. Customer interruptions
    5. Other

The PILOT Performance Review and Compliance Committee shall have the final authority to approve or deny requests on behalf of the IDB or EDGE.  In addition to the CY 2020-2021 site visits typically performed by EDGE staff, PILOT Recipients requesting the assistance outlined above may receive specific site visits related to the requested waivers.

Download EDGE COVID-19 Waiver Certification Form

Please submit narrative, all applicable documentation, and a signed certification form for review to tbuckley [at] growth-engine [dot] org.

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