EDGE Works to Help Blues City Brewery Expand, Create 155 Jobs in Memphis


Blues City Brewery is looking to expand its operations to boost its production capacity and capture a bigger share of the beverage market. The company is considering all three of its existing facilities but EDGE is providing assistance to keep that growth in Memphis. To remain competitive, the company needs to upgrade the aging manufacturing and processing equipment within its plant

The company would invest $49 million in new manufacturing machinery and hire 155 people at an average base salary of $56,609 a year for its Memphis operation. The expansion would be assisted by a 12-year Jobs PILOT.  

Blues City Brewery bought the former Schlitz bottling plant in 2011 and since then, has grown to 516 employees, manufacturing several popular national and international brands. 

The project would generate an estimated $101,856 in new property taxes each year during the PILOT term, and $213,032 annually thereafter. 

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