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Pristex Solutions, LLC


Pristex Solutions, LLC is looking to set up its manufacturing operation in Memphis, creating more than 430 jobs.

The company was created to serve Pristex Medical, which launched amid the pandemic in May to handle the sales and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment to high volume buyers like hospitals. That business grew so much that there is now a need for additional manufacturing.

Pristex Solutions has been evaluating locations in Texas, Mississippi and Tennessee for the facility that will produce commercial and household cleaning products and disinfecting wipes. EDGE provided the company with a 13-year Jobs PILOT to encourage it to create 439 new jobs with an average wage of about $35,000 a year and invest more than $11 million at 4259 Delp Street here in Memphis.

Projected New Jobs:
Projected Average Payroll:
Total Capital Investment:
Projected Tax Revenue:
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